• Ned Leukhardt
  • Born: USA, 1955
  • Drums, percussion

Ned grew up in Connecticut and has been playing music since he was a child. Hanging around the bars where his father played the jazz clarinet, he soaked up the atmosphere that would inspire him in his later career. Ned’s dad played with a lot of the big names in the fifties, among them Billie Holiday.
After attending musical school in his hometown Ned moved to Los Angeles to be closer to where things happened on the rock scene. His abilities were perfectioned when he got in touch with the underground, though world famous, rock band Wall of Voodoo. With this band he did several tours travelling all over the world. He also worked on his skills as a studio musician while recording with the band. In L.A. he continued his career with the band Flesh Eaters.
His music brought him to Europe, and after living in Paris, France for a while coincidences gave him a home in Oslo, Norway. Not before long he met Martin and Arne, and then Toini joined the group. The rest is, as they say, history.
When he’s not busy rockin’, Ned runs his very popular restaurant Mucho Mas in Oslo, where he serves up sizzling hot cal-mex specialties.
Ned has developed his own style when it comes to playing the drums. A style so recognizable, so filled with energy and creativity, that Toini & The Tomcats will never be confused with any other band.

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  • bill leukhardt says:

    nice comments about a good band and its excellent drummer
    my younger and only brother.
    our dad would be proud of his music, restaurant and life

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