• Martin Caspersen
  • Born: Norway, 1963
  • Guitar, piano, all sorts of stuff … and backing vocals

Martin is the musical brains of the outfit and our very own record producer. Hearing Martin play his innovative and energetic guitar-riffs, one wonders if this guy has ever done anything else. In fact he started his career as a piano player, a long time before the thought of picking up a guitar crossed his mind. He plays blindingly on both instruments.
From merely playing other people’s songs Martin soon developed his own technique as a song writer. A typical song of his is a hit song, something that’ll stick to your mind before you can say: “Play it again!” He has penned many of Toini & the Tomcats’ songs, and arranges and coordinates the musical input along with the other members of the group.
Because of his many musical abilites Martin has all through his musical life played in many bands, and he’s very experienced and constantly sought after as session musician, with a host of norwegian records to his credit.
Martin is a sailor and loves being out on the ocean, an inspiration for some of his songs, such as Caught In A Storm. Maybe the future holds a Tomcats album featuring a maritime theme?

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