• Arne Ertnæs
  • Born: Norway, 1967
  • Upright bass, backing vocals

Arne has been a rockabilly cat since he was old enough to go downtown on his own. Listening to many different kinds of music, he has long been a devotee of classic rock’n’roll and swingin’ jazz.
After falling in love with the music of the Sun Record label and hillbilly music he got the crazy idea of wanting to play the upright bass. A long stretch as a paper-boy at the age of fourteen payed for his first axe.
He was ready for his first group, The Bluedots, a year later. Playing with musicians much more experienced than himself, he had to improve fast if he was going to be able to tag along. And did he ever!
With his matchless style, he is often invited to recording sessions, he has even backed Elvis’ musicians; Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana – in the studio and at concerts.
Arne sports steel strings for his King standup bass – enabling him to play tender, smoky jazz in between his hot, energetic rockabilly licks.

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